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Customised Arabic Bangle

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18K CARAT GOLD PLATED VERMEIL BRACELETSTERLING SILVER BRACELETROSE GOLD PLATED BRACELETFinish : 18 Carat Gold Vermeil, Sterling Silver, Rose GoldSize: 6.5cm diameter (approx)Pendant: 4cm x 0.4cm (approx)Material: CopperPlease select the colour you would like for your bracelet. Once choosing the colour, if you could write the exact message you would like written on the bracelet. Symbols and numbers can be included.You will also need to specifiy how you would like the text alligned. If you do not specify it will be automatically placed on the centre of the necklace.You can use the allignment bar below for help (looking at the bar flat) ;LEFT RIGHTDUE TO SUCH A HIGH VOLUME OF PERSONALISED ORDERS PLEASE ALLOW APPROX 2 WEEKS FOR THE ITEM TO BE MADE.

Once your item is ready we will ship it as soon as possible and email you a dispatch confirmation.Delivery time for UK customers is 2-3 working days (after dispatch)and for international customers delivery will take 7 working days (after dispatch)If you are ordering a bracelet from outside of the UK, please check the conversion rate of the currency you are paying with before placing the order. (Our prices are GB Sterling Pounds)Due to the nature of this product we have a no returns/refund/exchange/repair policy.Please also ensure the delivery address is correct and complete, we are not responsible for missing post if the address is incorrect.If you experience any issues, you can contact us via the contact form.